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Here are some of our more popular services.

Calderdale Events Guide

Free Service!

Free digital marketing for events in Calderdale! We have our own events guide here on the site, you might have noticed it already. This is one link in a chain of advertising we’d love you to let you utilise. Here follows the complicated bit…

We link up with your Facebook page and create venue and organiser profiles for you on our site. These profiles then link back to you so people can contact you. Every event you hold shows up on our events guide. We’ll submit your profiles to search engines too to make it easier for people to find you.

Plus subscribers to our newsletter get a weekly mailout of all the events in Calderdale that week. Subscribe and see what were talking about. Did we mention our events guide also goes out to Facebook and Twitter each week? Make your advertising go further, work with us!

Facebook Event Creation

Weekly Subscription

One of the most important features of your venues Facebook page is it’s events calendar. Every time you have an event that’s shares, likes and invites which you could potentially turn into regular customers. We’d love to work with you to make this a great feature of your page.

Many venues don’t have the time to keep events constantly updated and maintained. Often we see events with no descriptions or poor information or live music venues with no event listed. We can integrate with your Facebook page and fully create and maintain your events guide. Or if you prefer we can use our own page DTC listings to create all events and send co hosting requests to all involved parties This will give you a great sales funnel for new customers!

Digital Event Listing

Weekly Subscription

There are many free listing websites but unfortunately it’s a time consuming process to get the information out there. So here’s the deal, all you have to do is book the event. We do all your listing to key events websites creating graphics, summaries and descriptions along the way for you.

You become the center of your own advertising network. We work with you behind the scenes and you reap the benefits of an ever expanding advertising platform. Imagine the potential of your events reaching new people every week…

Live Music Events

Contact Us

If you are looking to start Live Music eventsĀ in your venue let us help. From monthly band nights to emergency bookings we are more than happy to work with you in getting established or give ongoing support. We already have events booked in multiple venues and have worked with many extraordinarily talented people along the way. Let you be the next!